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Schools and Churches

Schools in Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township

Updated: Aug 16 23
 Created: Jan 01 70

Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards has two schools right inside the township, Madawaska Valley District High School is located in nearby Barry's Bay and Mary Street Education Centre for Continuing Education is located in Pembroke. Our schools strive to make sure that each and every student gets the best opportunity for a full and comprehensive education.

Killaloe Public School

St. Andrews School 131 Queen St.
Killaloe Public School 100 Queen St.
Madawaska Valley District
High School
341 John St.
Barry's Bay
613-756-3048 ext 0
Mary Street Education Centre
Continuing Education

480 Mary St.

The Churches of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township

Updated: May 28 13
 Created: Jan 01 70

Religion has always played a central role in the lives of people of this area.
After all, it was hard work and faith that kept our pioneering ancestors going in a very rugged landscape.


Even before many of the churches were built, large wooden crosses were erected at intersections in the Wilno area. That's how important the role of religion has been.

Today, you don't have to travel very far in our township to find churches of virtually every denomination.

St. Mary's Church in Wilno

St. Andrews Parish 141 Queen St.
St. Casimir's Church Round Lake Centre 613-757-3312
Calvary Baptist Church 148 Queen St.
Office 613-757-1618
St. Mary's Church Hwy 60 E.
Grace Evangelical Missionary Church 15069 Highway 60 613-757-2069
Anglican Church of the Ascension 36 Mill Street
First Baptist Church 2510 Mountain View Road
St. John Anglican Church 1486 Round Lake Road 613-628-2029