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Municipal Parks

Updated: May 05 17
 Created: Jan 01 70

Station Park

Station Park in Killaloe Station Park was built in 1994 on the site where The Old Killaloe Railway Station used to be. That original train station was demolished in 1968. Two grey strips in the red brick walkway symbolize steel rails that once lay over the path.

Hoch Farm (Click Here)

The Hoch Farm is the only Designated Heritage site in Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Township. It reflects the pioneering agricultural development of the area, as well as its rich cultural background.

The property was originally a 200 acre land grant offered by the early Government of Canada to Europeans willing to immigrate to Renfrew County. Even before Confederation, the government had agents on the continent, pledging free land to settlers who would cultivate the land. As a result, the ethnic German population in Renfrew County grew from less than 500 in 1861 to nearly 5,000 by 1881.

Wilhelm (later William) Hoch and his wife Amelia bought the land in 1904. William was born in Prussia where he apprenticed as a blacksmith, a trade he practiced after immigrating to Canada and first settling in Old Killaloe. Amelia was born at Sebastopol in Renfrew County and achieved some acclaim as a gardener before she was killed by a lightning strike while she sat in the parlour of the farmhouse.

Hoch started a dairy farm, and eventually used his herd to start a creamery in Killaloe, where he was soon shipping to Eganville, and Pembroke, and then to Ottawa.

The house and farm lay vacant after the death of the last residing family member in 1989. It was eventually bequeathed to what became the Township of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards, and put in the charge of the Heritage Committee.

The farmhouse was renovated thanks to a Trillium grant and Township assistance, and partially opened as a museum in the summer of 2005. Restoration continued, and now the whole farmhouse is open as a museum. The first floor represents a farmhouse from the period of the 1910\'s and 20\'s, with a summer kitchen, ‘regular’ kitchen, dining room, and parlour. The second floor contains the family\'s bedrooms, and their \'reading room\'; it also contains a gallery showing the work of current local artists. Ths house is bordered bya restored version of Amelia's original flower gardens.

The site of the large barn is now a local Saturday market, open from July to October. The market contains local produce, baking and crafts. The barn itself contains a large 'flea market', with many items of interest. Visitors are welcomed to the area by a giant puppet farm family; the barn is also adorned with murals of 'the old days' in Killaloe. The season concludes with a large-scale Thanksgiving party, featuring potatoes and pumpkins from the restored farmhouse garden.

The other initiative at the Farm will be the creation of a wetland conservation area, with public viewing access, on the eastern side of the property.

Pioneer farming and active encouragement of immigration were hallmarks of the young Canada and Renfrew County in particular. Hoch Farm honours this heritage and the people who created it.

Membership in the heritage group which works on Hoch Farm restoration can be obtained by calling Garnet Kranz at (613) 757-2515.

Sheryl Boyle Park

Sheryl Boyle Park is located on the shores of Round Lake. It was built in 1992 by the former Township of Hagarty & Richards. Sheryl Boyle grew up in Hagarty & Richards Township and went on to become an Olympic Kayaker.

Wilno Heritage Park

Although just outside our township in the neighbouring Township of Madawaska Valley, Wilno's Kashubian Heritage Park should also be mentioned. This unique park was built by the Wilno Heritage Society to commemorate the ancestors and builders of the Wilno Community.
It is a testament to the Kashubian heritage of the area.

Provincial Parks

Updated: May 05 17
 Created: Jan 01 70

Bonnechere Provincial Park

The meandering Bonnechere River once carried furs and pine logs out of this Ottawa Valley region. Now canoes move along its leisurely, ever-changing path to Round Lake where there is a buoyed, sandy beach. Trails pass an old beaver pond and marshes. An historic depot depicts the life of early forest rangers.
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Friends of Bonnechere Park

Algonquin Provincial Park

World-renowned Algonquin Provincial Park is located about 45 minutes west of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Township on Hwy 60.
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