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Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Plan Program

Updated: May 28 24
 Created: Jan 01 70

Committee Members
Robert Gareau - Community Emergency Management Co-ordinator (CEMC)
Dave Mayville - Mayor
Dale Thompson - Alternate CEMC

A copy of the Township’s Emergency Plan is available for public viewing on the Municipal Website. Click here for the file.

Emergency Preparedness Week is held each year in May. Check out their web site at

Are you prepared for any emergency?
  • Most Canadian do not realize that they have a responsibility for taking care of their basic needs of protecting life and property during the first 72 hours of any emergency.
  • Could your family cope with no water, no electricity and no stores open for 3 days?
  • Prepare now!
Emergency Survival Checklist – Three day supply per person
o Flashlight and batteries o Clothing and footwear
o Radio and batteries or crank radio o Blankets or sleeping bags
o Spare batteries o Toilet paper and other personal items
o First-aid Kit o Medication
o Candles and matches/lighter o Backpack/duffle bag (to hold all of the emergency survival kit items)
o Extra Car Keys and cash o Whistle (to attract attention, if needed)
o Important papers (identification) o Playing cards, games
o Food and bottled water

You can visit the Emergency Management Ontario Web site at for more information.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada has the following self-help brochures available on-line at to assist you in being prepared for any emergency situation.
  • Be Prepared, Not Scared – Emergency Preparedness Starts with you
  • Preparing for the Unexpected
  • Winter power Failures
  • Winter Driving – You, your car and winter storms
  • Prepare to Survive a Major Earthquake
  • Severe Storms
  • Floods – What to do before and after
  • Prepare for the Woods
  • Earthquake preparedness: High Rises and Mobile Homes.