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Building and Septic

Chief Building Official / Septic Inspector

Updated: Jun 14 19
 Created: Jan 01 70

Tyler Mask
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM
Phone: 613-757-2300
Cell: 613-401-1117
Fax: 613-757-3634

Building and Septic Department FAQ's

Updated: Jul 27 10
 Created: Jan 01 70

  Building Septic
When do I need a Building Permit for construction or demolition? Building larger than 10m2 (roughly
10ft.x10ft.); Adding onto existing building;
Building less than 10m2 that contains
plumbing; plumbing not located inside a
structure; onsite sewage system.
Installation, repair,
alteration, removal.
Where can I place the Building? Building site dictates location.
Generally the setbacks are:
Township of KHR Zoning
-66ft. from water
-2 metres from side lot lines
Village of Killaloe Zoning
-66ft. from water
-1 metre from side lot lines.
15metres from water (lake,
creek, stream, pond)
3metres from side lot line
30metres from dug well,
15metres from drilled well.
Do I need Professional Plans? Not necessarily. The homeowner can draw up
their own plans, however; the plans must
comply with the requirements of the Ontario
Building Code. It is advised to obtain the
services of a qualified person.
A licensed, qualified septic
installer will complete the
technical components of the
application for you
How long does it take to get my permit? A house or small building permit should be
issued within 10 days of receiving a complete
10 days of receiving a
complete application.
Who can apply for the permit? The owner of the property on which the construction or demolition will take place, or the authorized agent of the owner.
When are inspections required? Required inspections are listed on the cardboard copy of the permit. Remember the owner (applicant) or authorized agent is responsible for notifying the Chief Building Official when you are ready for your next inspection. Mandatory Site evaluation prior to issuance of permit.
Inspections: readiness to
construct, substantial
completion before
backfilling and final.
Do I need an appointment to see the Chief Building
Yes. This ensures that you will be seen at the
time agreed on. If you drop in, the CBO may be
with someone else or out of the office for

Building Permits

Updated: Sep 22 23
 Created: Jan 01 70

There are many situations when you must have a building permit before building, renovating, excavating, or demolishing.
Please take the time to look at the following Building Permit Bylaw and the online applications, forms and guides which are provided below.

Building Permit Bylaw... (Bylaw 18 - 2021)
(includes the Application form to Transfer a Building Permit)

Application to Construct

Application to Demolish

Application for Sewage System

Authorization of Owner

Application for Change of Use

Application for Swimming Permit

Energy Efficiency Design Summary

Site Plan

CBO Code of Conduct

Building Permit Fees

Updated: May 20 21
 Created: Jan 01 70

Classes of Building Permits and Associated Fees
Residential Buildings, Mobile Homes, Sleep Cabins
and additions (living area)
$0.40 per square foot
$100.00 minimum
Commercial/Industrial Buildings or Structures
including additions and renovations
$0.60 per square foot
$150.00 minimum
Garages, Carports, Sheds, Decks, Covered Porches, Sea
$0.35 per square foot
$100.00 minimum
Commercial Accessory Buildings
$0.55 per square foot
$150.00 minimum
Swimming Pools (fence required immediately)
$100.00 plus any applicable deck permit fees
Farms Buildings, including additions and renovations
$0.15 per square foot
$100.00 minimum
Demolition Permit
Compliance Letter (includes real-estate requests project completion notification, zoning compliance)
Plumbing Fee
No Charge
Change of Use Permit
Conditional Permit
Sewage Permit
(See Schedule A-1
By-Law 18 - 2021)
Occupancy Permit/Final Inspection (deposit fee)
$100.00 Deposit (See Schedule A in By-Law 18 - 2021)
Re-inspection of defective and incomplete work
(additional inspections)
$50.00 per visit
Refunds (Withdrawal of Application)
(See Schedule A in By-Law 18 - 2021)

The erection of a new outdoor toilet, or the relocation of an existing outdoor toilet
requires a Building Permit at no charge, regardless of the cost the building.